Team member: Peter Lundquist | When: 2008-09 | For: Gannett Digital

Related Services: Digital Product Management, Digital Marketing

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Local places to go and things to do

"Metromix," a network of local entertainment calendars and review websites and mobile apps, was the second digital product Peter and his team deployed across Gannett Co. Inc.'s network of media properties when he was heading up digital product development and deployment.

Product management experience: In the development phase, Peter was responsible for representing Gannett's business and technical requirements with Metromix LLC, a joint venture he helped to form with Tribune Co. When the product was built, he led the deployment team that rolled out integrations on the websites operated by Gannett's local news outlets. The go-to-market plan included how each market would staff and develop content, integrate it into their local websites, market the product to drive usage, and sell advertising and sponsorships to local businesses. He supervised a product manager who represented Gannett markets in product decisions and drove success in consultation with local managers.

Results: In its first six months, Metromix was generating more than 4 million monthly unique visitors across 20+ metro markets. Gannett markets outperformed other owned-and-operated media outlets that were part of the JV.

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