Motherhood - Is It For Me?

Team member: Angelina M. Lopez | When: 2016-present | For: Ann Davidman, family therapist and author

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A feminist pioneer needed a wider reach for her unique message

Digital Strategy & Implementation: Family therapist Ann Davidman believes motherhood is a choice, not a requirement, for every woman, and she has counseled women having difficulties making a decision about this choice for 27 years. With her first book release on the horizon, she wanted this message to reach more people. Angelina created a multi-part digital content strategy that included a website reinvention, a social media launch, and a book promotion calendar with a focus on cutting through the noise so Ann’s message could reach women who felt alone in their motherhood indecision.

Social Media: Angelina maintains content on all the Motherhood - Is It For Me? social media platforms—Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram—with the goal of establishing Ann as an influencer on the topic of parenthood choice.

Website Content: Angelina manages the day-to-day of editing Ann’s blogs, keeping the information for the biannual Motherhood Clarity Course current, and ensuring that all the content tays consistent with the clean and soothing design created by web designer Ali Fox of Dapper Fox Design.

E-Mail Marketing: Angelina produces a monthly newsletter for Ann’s subscribers that has an 26 percent open rate in an industry with a 14 percent average.

Results: The bullhorn of social media has finally secured Ann’s place as a pro-woman, pro-choice pioneer. She has been interviewed for a number of publications, including The New York Times and the Washington Post. In 2019, she will be the focus of an Australian Marie Claire magazine article.


Targeting the message to reach the right followers

Angelina helped Ann connect with the right social media influencers so her unique message could reach the the right people.


Nimbly responding to changes

As Ann builds new offerings to connect with people struggling with motherhood indecision, .

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