Next Gen HSS

Team member: Peter Lundquist | When: 2009-11 | For: Schedule Star & USA TODAY Sports

Related Services: Digital Product Management, Digital Marketing

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At The Heart of High School Sports

A web-based SaaS tool for athletic directors, called Schedule Star, generated detailed and up-to-date season schedules from more than 7,000 high schools nationwide, for every sport and team the AD managed. This project was to create a next-generation content management system and web and mobile media product on top of the scheduling data, including features such as photo uploads, shown above.

Digital strategy and product management experience: The project included end-user anthropology with teen athletes and their parents (below), technology solution architecture in consultation with Gannett Digital, product design and product engineering with third-party partners. Strategy duties included sourcing design and development partners, return-on-investment analysis, capital budget request, contract negotiation and execution. 

Results: The product was relaunched in 2011 as USA TODAY High School Sports. 

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